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The St Louis County Missouri Crime Incident Map is a joint project of the Office of Emergency Management and Bureau of Computer Services of the St Louis County Police Department. This site uses the ESRI ArcGIS Server Javascript API with the DOJO framework and jQuery libary.

We greatly appreciate the contributions of the following companies and organizations:

OpenStreetMap shares their wiki world map data under a Creative Commons license. This data is used to generate base map images.

CloudMade allows the use of their Cloudmade tile service under a Creative Commons license as well. They are providing free access to an Amazon EC2 scaling server to render map images.

Stamen Design provided design inspirations from their CrimeSpotting websites and useful advice. Visit their project at to see their excellent use of publically available data to make an alternative cartographic view of San Francisco Bay area crime. Particularly thanks go out to Eric Rodenbeck.

UserVoice is providing the St Louis County Police Department with a Gold Plan for Civic Engagement subscription to their customer feedback service. This is the extensive feedback service that can be reached by clicking the "Feedback" tab on the left of the main map page.

Thank you to all our project contributors!